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Borobudur Sunrise Prambanan Tour

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Borobudur sunrise prambanan tour is a combination in one day go visit the three places of interest that become a favorite in yogykarta.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Borobudur is a Buddhist temple designed with Javanese Buddhist architecture, which combines the cult of indigenous Indonesian cult and Buddhist concept to attain Nirvana. This temple also shows the influence of Gupta art that reflects Indian influence on this region, but quite a lot of original scenes and elements are made to make Borobudur unique in Indonesia.

Borobudur sunrise tour offers a different experience where participants are given a special opportunity to enter the temple pad early morning at 04.30 am before public visitors come and visitors have to walk from hotel Manohara to Borobudur with streets before dawn across the dewy grassland. A lush tropical garden. A beautiful panorama and a very beautiful morning in Borobudur especially the times when the sun will emerge from the horizon. A truly enlightening experience!

Merapi Jeep Volcano Tour

Mount Merapi (summit height 2,930 m asl, per 2010) is a volcano in the middle of Java Island and is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. The southern slope is in Sleman district administration, Yogyakarta Special Region, and the rest are in Central Java Province, Magelang regency on the west side, Boyolali Regency on the north and east side, and Klaten regency on the southeast side. Forest area around the peak of Mount Merapi National Park area since 2004.

After driving about 1 hour then we arrived at the beauty of Mount Merapi is very famous. Here we will do the adventure by using the jeep then explore and visit some places as memories of the last eruption effect of Mount Merapi in 2010.

Prambanan Temple Tour

Prambanan Temple or Roro Jonggrang Temple is the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia built in the 9th century. This temple is dedicated to Trimurti, the three major Hindu gods of Brahma as the creator god, Vishnu as the nurturing deity, and Shiva as the god of destruction. Based on the inscription of Siwagrha the original name of this temple complex is Siwagrha (Sanskrit meaning 'House of Shiva'), and indeed in garbagriha (main room) this temple resides the statue of Shiva Mahadewa as high as three meters indicating that in this temple Shiva god takes precedence.

Here we go " borobudur sunrise prambanan tour. visit prambanan temple is the end of this program, enjoy the exploration of prambanan temple until finished and return to yogyakarta.

Come Join Us!

Borobudur sunrise prambanan tour


Pick up at your hotel
Leave: 04.00 AM visit to Manohara Sunrise at Borobudur temple
Merapi Jeep Volcano tour
Prambanan temple tour
Hotel drop off Tour
Duration: 1 day trips


Transportation with Air-Conditioned Vehicle
English & Malay Speaking Driver
Fuel and Parking fees & donation
Mineral water in bottle

- Borobudur sunrise entrance fee
- Jeep Merapi ticket
- Prambanan entrance fee

Jomblang Cave Tour

    Jomblang cave

Jomblang Cave Tour

Jomblang cave tour an amazing adventure in Yogyakarta - Indonesia. Explore Goa Jomblang a vertical cave as a result of the collapse of geological processes landslides and vegetation on it into the earth that happened thousands of years ago and this ruins form the wells. Takes about 1 and half hour from yogyakarta to visit Jomblang cave in gunung kidul district. Jomblang cave things to do” A skilled adventurous, you could experience the exhilaration of Jomblang Cave that special feeling to explore cavern, deep in the heart of a mountain. with highly-qualified guides passionate about the caves and always ensure that each visitor has a memorable experience. Jomblang cave tour will also be pampered with a view of the forest and villages during the drive to the location with the driver were friendly and polite. Capture every memorable in your journey, especially when you do it in the Cave of Jomblang, which is currently a popular destination in the world.

Pindul Cave Tour

Timang Beach Tour

After you finish exploring the jomblang cave you can choose the next destination: Pindul cave or Timang beach, one of these places you can make a choice as a complement in your one-day tour. Pindul is a unique cave because there is a river inside and Timang is a crazy adventure that will do by using a gondola or a bridge to cross the ocean.

√ Pick up at your hotel
√ Leave: 07.00 AM to visit Jomblang "INCREDIBLE" Cave Tour
√ 1:30 PM Next to extra Visit: Timang beach tour or Pindul Cave
Back to yogyakarta, on the way to stop anywhere(on request) before to your hotel. 
√ Hotel drop off enjoy your hotel facility 
√ Tour Duration: 1 day trips

 Transportation with Air-Conditioned Vehicle
 English & Malay Speaking Driver
Fuel and Parking fees
 Snack & Mineral water in bottle
 Lunch box local food at Jomblang
 Caving guide & Equipment

– Jomblang cave entrance fee
– extra visit:Timang or Pindul Entrance fee

Pindul Cave Tour

    pindul cave

Pindul Cave Tour - Pindul Cave Tubing

Pindul cave tour is a one day trip to explore the three amazing places in yogyakarta. The tour will combine with an amazing Jomblang cave and crazy adventure of Timang beach. Pindul is a unique tourist attraction by floating using a tube above the underground river in the cave from the mouth of the cave to the last part of the cave. Inside the cave is divided into three zones, namely bright zone, dim and dark. And one part there is wide enough to look like a swimming pool, there is a big cavity and sunlight coming from above the cave. Pindul is in the village of Bejiharjo, Karangmojo Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul Regency. In karst hills dominated by rocks. Pindul can be reached from Yogyakarta city by private vehicle through Wonosari city, which is about 7 km to the north from Wonosari city. Let's explore the cave with a combination of white water rafting and caving enjoying the sensational views of stalactites and stalagmites with little flares as it passes through the dark valleys inside the cave.

An Amazing Jomblang Cave Tour

Then the tour will proceed to the semanu village which is famous for its vertical cave. Jomblang cave is an awesome adventure tour accompanied by experienced local guides equipped with propesional equipment, visitors will feel amazing when in the cave jomblang and will find various natural wonders such as ancient forests and the light of heaven is so wonderful.

Timang Beach Tour using Gondola or Bridge

Crazy adventure in this one place is very adrenaline. Timang beach really provides a different experience with its extreme activity.

Take a day tour with us


 Pick up at your hotel
 Leave: 05.30 AM drive to visit Pindul Cave
8:30 AM continue drive to Jomblang cave
1:30 PM next to Timang beach
4:30 PM drive back to Yogyakarta. on the way stop for dinner if you need before drop at your Hotel
Tour Duration: 1 day trips

Transportation with Air-Conditioned Vehicle
English & Malay Speaking Driver
Fuel and Parking fees 
 Snack drink, Mineral water
Caving guide & Equipment

- Pindul cave entrane fee
- Jomblang cave entrance fee
- Timang beach entrance fee



Borobudur Sunrise Prambanan Tour

Borobudur Sunrise Prambanan Tour

Tour Packages merapi jeep tour prambanan temple Borobudur sunrise prambanan tour is a combination in one day go visit the three places of interest that become a favorite […]

Jomblang cave tour

Jomblang Cave Tour

Jomblang cave Jomblang vertical cave Pindul unique cave Timang beach gondola Jomblang Cave Tour Jomblang cave tour an amazing adventure in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. Explore Goa Jomblang a vertical cave […]

Pindul Cave Tour

Pindul Cave Tour

pindul cave jomblang cave timang beach Pindul Cave Tour – Pindul Cave Tubing Pindul cave tour is a one day trip to explore the three amazing places in […]

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