Yogyakarta River Rafting
Yogyakarta River Rafting


Whitewater Rafting in Progo river

In the adventure trip, Yogyakarta isn’t lacking. These customizable Yogyakarta vacation packages are full of excitement for families, couples and groups. White water rafting through river canyons Progo & Elo. We have handpicked some of the best Yogyakarta adventure vacations for you. Whether you’re staying in one place or doing a cross-country combo, you won’t want for an adrenaline rush.

Every region in Yogyakarta offers a great array of adventure activities. The two most talked about are volcano area and temples.

Progo river rafting

Yogyakarta region has the biggest selection of activities to choose from. Thrill seekers can enjoy white water rafting, waterfall, rappelling, and caving. extreme hiking to the Merapi volcano, also popular. But the rafting on the Progo river is now so loved by the traveler who loves water adventure. no special skills are required for this trip, as the activities will be made easy by local professional guides to helping you to the raft.

How many adventures you get to enjoy depends on the time you’re spending in the area. Do you want to experience as many as possible? We recommend choosing the tours package in the Yogyakarta followed by a visit to Borobudur temple.

The tours package usually combine some adventure tours, such as rappelling and white water rafting, or hiking to the mountain. There are even many other combinations that will keep you entertained the whole day. Yogyakarta is perfect for visitors that won’t spend many days on the trip.

Experience the best whitewater rafting trips in Yogyakarta - a land filled with diverse landscapes and home to one of the most beautiful adventure destinations in Java - Indonesia. This adventure is nestled between the Borobudur wonders of Magelang National Park and Yogyakarta province and piqued by the breathtaking peaks of the Mountains, also offering a stark backdrop to the villages along the river. River rafting on the Progo River near Borobudur, Yogyakarta is unlike any place on earth - all displaying a variety of landscapes from the hidden Java, Whitewater Rafting, or Progo Rafting. Yogyakarta rafting vacations truly are remarkable. Just hour's from Yogyakarta's city center are endless opportunities! Countless times, Yogyakarta river Rafting, has been ranked as a popular travel and adventure destination in the Yogyakarta.