Selogriyo Temple
Selogriyo Temple

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It’s easy enough to snap a picture in front of the temples in Selogriyo. And truly dig beneath the surface of this fascinating site, then getting to know the locals. This majestic site is also the temple was hundreds of years old in Selogriyo, and taking a tour with a guide from the area not only shows you the spots other visitors won’t see but also gives a fascinating insight into their culture and way of life.

Explore this place wonder with JogjaIndoTours.Com on our best of the Yogyakarta tour. Selogriyo temple located on the eastern slope with an altitude of 740 above sea level. Administratively, this temple is located in Candisari Village, Windusari, Magelang District. The closest route is the Magelang-Bandongan route. Arriving at Pasar Bandongan turn right to Windusari. At a fork, there is a signpost to the temple. Entering the gate of Dusun Campur Rejo to the main gate of Selogriyo temple, the average road width is only about one meter. Some of the roads to Selogriyo have been paved. Others, the path that divides the rice fields of the population, is still left as a dirt road.

A magnificent temple on the slopes of Mount Sumbing

Many things that you will enjoy when visiting the beautiful places Selogriyo, an access road that enters the villages, then continue the journey by trekking about half hour or with other options by using a motorcycle rental service to the upwards. along the way we will enjoy a variety of natural beauty; views of mountains, rice fields - green fields and arranged as you see in Ubud Bali, friendly locals will you find along the way, Feel different things in Selogriyo, although a little exhausting but it pays off with the moment as long you visit Selogriyo temple.