Malioboro Street
Malioboro Street

The Most Things to Do in Malioboro street

Malioboro street is the center of a cheap shopping area in Yogyakarta. Will find many types of souvenirs, and various other things that are on offer so cheap and you will not get in other markets.

Malioboro street, over the last few decades, has become every traveler’s go-to destination. And, why not! It has everything that a traveler looks for – fun and frolic, relaxation. And would gladly serve it for you!

Shopping in Malioboro street is more than just going out and buying things. It is an experience that demands to be savored. You can shop in some parts of Yogyakarta 24 x 7! You will find every kind of market in Malioboro street – Small & Big.

Before you get all worked up, We offer listing down all the packages that should be targeted by every tourist/ shopper. Hit these places for the best deals and experiences in Malioboro street – Yogyakarta.