Mount Merapi
Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi is a popular climbing object. because this mountain is a very fascinating mountain. The most common and nearest climbing route is through the north side of Sèlo, Boyolali District, Central Java, precisely in Plalangan Village, Selo, Boyolali, This village is located between Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. Climbing through Selo takes about 4 hours to the top and 3 hours to go down.


Immerse yourself in the magic of Merapi mountain.


Mount Merapi is a land of mist-shrouded mountains, enchanting valleys, and crashing sunrises. These dramatic qualities captured the imaginations of the lovers of adventurer. Trekking up through Merapi’s mystical landscape is like stepping into another world. Not only are the locations gorgeous, but they are also steeped in legend.

Adventure of climbing puts you in the historical and fantasy world of the Yogyakarta Kingdoms. Your local guides will bring the region’s dynamic history and rich lore to life. They will immerse you in the history locations Mt.Merapi, as well as introduce you to some of Mount Merapi’s most spectacular wonders. Here are will show of the incredible place you’ll see on this trip.


Collect all the feel of experience in this mountain


Not only will you explore the famous mount Merapi sets this locations, but you will be whisked to the wonder's “doors” to grab your best experience. What do we speak of when we mention these Merapi ? In 2010, the last eruption that caused much damage to the mountain structure and some villages located on the slopes of Mount Merapi. That's moment is so sad for yogyakarta citizens and the entire area that circles the mountain of Merapi.


Merapi Trekking tour

As the time passes, the pain is forgotten and recovered. Do not let sadness kill your hopes!

Now, locals again pave the way for the traveler who loves adventure to do trekking to the top of Mount Merapi. Merapi trekking tour gives you an impressive adventure, start climbing at night, then arrive at the summit of Merapi before sunrise. This is a highly anticipated moment, enjoying the sunrise from a height of 2930 m above sea level. So fabulous!

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Merapi Jeep Adventure

If you’ve hear adventure of Merapi, riding the Jeep at a slopes of mountain (an amazing adventure on the rocky's road), then Mount Merapi is not going to disappoint. You’ll definitely want to visit Mount Merapi - Yogyakarta.

Actually, you only need two words, apakabar (hello) and terimakasih (thank you).

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