Jomlang Cave
Jomlang Cave

The Best Places to Visit in Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Goa Jomblang - Grubug Cave
Being the most visited city in the world after Bali, Yogyakarta enjoys the status of being one of the most complete cities too. The beautiful architecture, winding lanes, temples, caves, beaches, gondolas and the bridge make this city what it is. It is one place that is best  to see.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed here with so much to see. So, take a deep breath and start walking around it to appreciate the detailing of the work and the idea behind creating this magnificence. Referred as the Amazing Cave of Yogyakarta's, this vertical cave has a history to tell.


The moment of the light of heaven
You have to see this to believe it. Words fall short to describe the detailing of the work that went into creating this marvel. Since the Jomblang cave is always crowded to request, be wise and book your trip well in advance to skip the quota & queue. Go up to the high land of the Gunungkidul district - Yogyakarta, to appreciate the incredible views of the nature. Take a couple of hour at hand to exploring around and appreciate the beauty of Heaven's light inside the Jomblang cave.

Goa Jomblang is an amazing a vertical cave. This cave is formed due to the ruins process of land subsidence and its vegetation above it to the base of the earth that occurred thousands of years ago. This ruins forms a sinkhole or a deep well known in the Javanese term luweng. That's what makes it unique because in the cave there is a wide cave mouth about 50 meters is often called by the name Luweng Jomblang. Goa Jomblang or Jomblang cave located in Semanu, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta - Indonesia.