Mount Merapi Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Mount Merapi is one of the most active mountain in Indonesia which is located in Central Java and Yogyakarta as the southern side of the mountain slopes. This Mount many leave the story so profound, especially when the memory of the eruption a few years ago with so many casualties. The Mount location in Kinah Rejo village with an altitude of 2,930 m above sea level.


Mount Merapi is still part of a favorite visit for the traveler, especially for tourists who like adventure tours.

Mount Merapi Volcano Tour

Merapi Jeep Adventure

Merapi provides an attractive option for tourists to enjoy its beauty, and it will be done by way of jeep adventure or lava tour exploring the ruins of Merapi and visiting some of the places that became the last eruption affects in 2010. Maneuvers the Jeep through the mountain, Keep your eyes peeled for beauty of Merapi Volcano. With a quick photo stop along the way, you’ll have many memories and stories to share of your off-road Volcano tour in Yogyakarta.

Merapi Jeep Sunrise Tour

And the next option is still using jeep but this one is different with Lava tour, this is enjoying a sunrise combination with Jeep adventure. Enjoy the sunrise with the Jeep Adventure, or even just by walking along the Jeep to walk the trail debris impact of the eruption, and as unforgettable memories for tourists. 

Mount Merapi Trekking Tour

Then another option is also enjoy the sunrise but look directly at the peak of Mount Merapi, this should be done by climbing and in travel within 4 hours and 3 hours go down.

Merapi Mountain adventure will be better if tourists stay in Yogyakarta, because the city of Jogja is the nearest town for access to Mount Merapi. And tourists can also do this adventure in one day tour and can be combined with some other interesting places in Yogyakarta.

Jeep Merapi Volcano adventure is very easy to do, you do not need to order in advance because there are so many post Jeep provided by local residents and not to worry for the jeep rations to be used. But if it’s for Merapi Jeep sunrise tour it needs to be done early booking so that time and place can be prepared.

Merapi Jeep sunrise tour can also be combined with Jomblang cave adventure and caving Pindul cave in one day, if you can not arrange the schedule you can ask the local agencies or operators in Yogyakarta to make your tour more effective and cost effective.

Jeep sunrise tour is as one of the programs most in demand by tourists because it gives the impression that adventure so different. Jeep sunrise is one of the main attraction for tourists who vacation day trip in Yogyakarta, as a suggestion you could combine the sunrise with several options for example;

merapi jeep sunrise tour
jeep sunrise tour

Selogriyo Temple
Selogriyo Temple

(Day trip Merapi Jeep sunrise tour – Borobudur temple – Selo Griyo).

Mangunan Panorama Hill
Mangunan Panorama Hill

(Day trip Merapi Jeep sunrise tour – Prambanan temple – Pine Forest – Bukit Jurang Tembelan – Mangunan Panorama hill)

Jomblang Cave
Jomblang Cave

(Day trip Merapi Jeep sunrise tour – Jomblang Cave Tour)

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